2016 was a historic year. Everyday Americans banded together to elect Donald Trump to change our system and make America great again.  We voted for Donald Trump because we're tired Washington politicians putting crony capitalism ahead of the interests of normal Americans. We represent those patriots that voted against the special interests that have controlled our great nation for too long. We stand to make sure that Congress reflects the will of the American people, by protecting consumers, families and the American taxpayer.  

Donald Trump has plan to reform our tax system. Experts say that this plan will decrease taxes across the board, grow our national economy and increase wages that many Americans have seen drop in the past 20 years.  Special interests don't like this plan and are actively working to add a border adjusted cash flow tax, essentially a Consumer Tax Hike.

The proposed Consumer Tax Hike is nothing new.  It was rejected in 2005 and 2010 and should be rejected again.  The tax, proposed by progressive economist Alan Auerbach, does nothing but raise the price of American made goods to the American consumer. We elected Donald Trump to stand up for the middle class and protect our way of life.

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