America Needs Tax Reform

The American people need tax relief. We're glad the President Trump, Speaker Ryan and Leader McConnell are getting together to address Tax Reform, but it's up to us keep the pressure on. 


It's Time to Call your Congressman and Senators and tell them that we need:

  • Simplicity: Make it easier for a normal American to understand they're taxes.
  • Lower Individual Rates: It's your money, it should be your choice where to spend it.  Americans all across this nation are struggling with high tax rates. An individual tax cut helps millions of Americans.
  • Lower Corporate Rates: Let's allow companies to invest their profits creating good-paying, middle class jobs instead of funding a bloated and inefficient bureaucracy.
  • Fix Loopholes: Our focus should be on dropping the tax rates for Americans, not funding special interests with loopholes created by Washington lobbyists. It's time we close these loopholes and give the power back to the American people.

Call your Congressman and Senators today by Clicking Here