Stop Washington Bureaucrats From Raising Your Prices!

We voted for Donald Trump because we're tired Washington politicians putting crony capitalism ahead of the interests of normal Americans. We represent those patriots that voted against the special interests that have controlled our great nation for too long. We stand to make sure that Congress reflects the will of the American people, by protecting consumers, families and the American taxpayer. 


The current tax reform proposal includes “border adjustment”, which essentially constitutes a tax on consumers.  It increases taxes on imported goods, impacting everything from textiles to gas. In order to remain profitable with these higher taxes, companies will be forced to increase prices at the store.  Some estimates say that gas prices could be increased by more than $.25/gallon at the pump.  This benefits companies that export goods at the expense of American consumers.  This plan will actually increase taxes.  Experts are estimating that this reform could raise an additional $1 trillion over 10 years.