Tax reform is needed in America, but it's important that we do it the right way.  At this point, we've got a choice between following the ideas that got Donald Trump elected and the same old Washington doublespeak that has let us down for years. The current plan being circulated around Congress includes a "border adjustment provision" which would impact the tax burden placed on imports and exports, essentially taxing the flow of cash across international borders.  Essentially, the plan would eliminate tax deductions for on imported goods and services, including those used in the production of other goods, while simultaneously allowing all income made on exports to be exempt from federal taxes. The increased cost of importing goods will increase prices on the shelves in essence, creating a Consumer Tax Hike.  This plan, while well intended, helps corporations at the expense of the American consumer.

Trump Plan

  • Lower taxes across the board
  • Repatriation of abroad holdings
  • Simplify Tax code
  • More growth, higher wages, more jobs

The removal of the tax deduction on imported goods means that production costs for many goods will increase.  These increased production costs will be passed directly on to consumers by increased prices for basic goods.  The sectors that will be most effected by the border adjustment are those that hit the American people the hardest.  Industries like Health and Personal Care stores, Food, Beverage and Liquor stores and Utilities will impacted greatly and will have soaring prices.  Gas prices at the pump will also increase significantly.  Some estimates have prices rising as high as 13% or $.25 per gallon.  The American consumer has been hit hard enough in recent years, we do not need any further hikes on the products we count on.

Washington Establishment Plan

  • Higher taxes on importers leading to higher prices at home
  • Reliance on highly volatile currency change
  • Increased government revenue leading to more spending

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has proposed a plan that would simplify the tax code, cut taxes for the middle class and hold corporations accountable.  President Trump is proposing to simplify the tax code, cutting the number of tax brackets from 7 to 3.  His plan calls for tax cuts both for citizens to put more money in our pocket and for corporations to create more jobs.  Experts say that wages could grow at a rate of more than 6%, with thousands more jobs being created. President Trump will force companies that hide their money abroad to bring that money back to the United States so that it can be taxed.  President Trump's plan holds true to the principles that got him elected.  We voted for him because he represents growth and the opportunity to Make America Great Again.

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